[rrd-users] Recent CVS snapshots break <RRD::TIME::NOW %fmt> ?

Christian Korschan Christian.Korschan at CTBTO.ORG
Fri Aug 6 15:21:46 MEST 2004

It looks like recent CVS snapshots break RRD::TIME::now

Code snipplet:

         <RRD::GRAPH /opt/OSSspan/htdocs/graphs/cpu.<RRD::CV period>.png
         --font DEFAULT:6.5:/opt/OSSspan/fonts/Arial.ttf
         --font LEGEND:6.5:/opt/OSSspan/fonts/Arial.ttf
         --font TITLE:9:/opt/OSSspan/fonts/Arial-Bold.ttf
         -s -<RRD::CV period>
         -e now
         --title "CPU Usage"
         --imgformat "PNG"
         --imginfo '<IMG SRC=/graphs/%s>'
         -w 350
         -h 100
         --base 1000
         --lower-limit 0
         --upper-limit 100
         --color SHADEA#ffffffff
         --color SHADEB#ffffffff
         --color BACK#ffffffff
         --color GRID#b3bbb4aa
         --color MGRID#899389aa
         --color FONT#00314bff
         --color FRAME#899389ff
         --color ARROW#06484fff
         --vertical-label "CPU Usage in %"
         COMMENT:"<RRD::TIME::NOW '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S %Z'>\r"
         AREA:kern#99515c:"CPU Kernel Mode"
         STACK:usr#337079:"CPU User Mode"
         STACK:wio#f1e6c7:"CPU W/IO"
         GPRINT:used:AVERAGE:"Average CPU used\: %.0lf%%\l"

... but this ends up in:

  [ERROR: Garbage '::TIME::NOW '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S %Z'>\r' after command: COMMENT:08/06/2004 13:07:41 GMT\r]

on the web page. rrd_cgi.c/printtimenow obviously does the right thing
and the mess must be created later.

The last snapshot I tried was the one from 2003/10/21 - RRD::TIME::NOW
worked in this snap, but unfortunetely other broken things like
y-axis text orientation make it less interesting.

Are there any fixes for rrd_cgi.c ?
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