[rrd-users] Re: how to get a step of 60

Cristian Ghezzi rrd-users01 at ghezzi.net
Thu Aug 19 11:11:26 MEST 2004

What Alex means to say is that if you see a step of 900 it means that 
values are being fetched from the second RRA, because 900 = 60 * 15.
If you want to see the data at a finer granularity, you might need to 
specify the appropriate value for --start and --end in the fetch command.
For example, "fetch test.rrd --start -600" would ask for the last 10 
values, fetching data from the first RRA.
Alex is also suggesting that you read the manual page about the fetch 
command, because the above is quite well explained.
Finally, Alex is not mad at you for your legitimate question, he is just 
still upset with me for my recent messages about the "unexpected" 
behaviour of the "GAUGE + MAX" option, which is a matter still 
unresolved. So, don't let him scare you and keep asking questions. :-)



Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 10:30:20AM +0200, M. Possamai wrote:
>>I'm trying to create an rrd with a step of 60 but for some reason rrdtool
>>will not let me use that value.
>>Sure it builds the rrd..
>>but the step is wrong..
>No, the step is not wrong.  You are asking for a certain amount of
>data and RRDtool is answering to the best of its abilities.  There
>is only two hours worth of data in the 60-second RRA so if you are
>asking for more than two hours, RRDtool has no other choice than to
>select another RRA.
>In general:  RRDtool is NOT doing anything wrong.  You are, because
>you did not read or understand the documentation.  And yes, this is
>true for many new users that come bashing this list with remarks like
>"rrdtool is wrong", "the step is wrong", "rrdtool is misleading".

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