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Richard Hellier rlh at lsil.com
Tue Oct 12 12:09:57 MEST 2004

	Here's one suggestion for you.  Since you presumably know the
 maximum value of the traffic counter, why not plot (or even store?) the
actual values as percentages of the maximum.  In this way, a y-axis of 0-100
will be correct in all cases.



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I explane with a simply example:
The script automatic create 4 graphs with 4 different time-ranges (6h 12h
1week 1m).

What I need is:

IF the traffic is low I need to create the graph without "-u" (-l) options
and so the graph is set to display the values as well.
IF the traffic is high with a regular PEAK (attended) I need to create the
graph WITH "-u" option to set a maximum (and minimum) level to prevent into
a 1 week graph that a peak of 40Mbit of an half hour transform my graph
unreadable. Only a peak would be seen.

I also ask if there is an option into rrdtool graph that allow me all above
without always change the "rrdtool graph" commad with different options.

Attached a 12hour right graph and a 24h wrong graph created with the same
"rrdtool graph" command.

Ok, my english is terrible... Hope you have understood :)


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