[rrd-users] Re: the good old "packet loss & rtt in the same graph" question

Milan Obuch milan at dino.sk
Thu Jan 13 23:03:17 MET 2005

On Thursday 13 January 2005 21:45, Kolus Maximiliano wrote:
> Hello,
>  Im another dreamer chasing the "packet loss & rtt in the same graph
> quest". I tried to search the archives but found no answer to this but
> someone changing the background when the the packet loss rate exceeded
> certain percentage.
>  But what I want to do is draw this packet loss as a LINE1, being the
> top of the graph 100% and the bottom 0%. What I don't know is how to graph
> something ignoring the current scale. Ie: if I had a rtt of 500, the graph
> would be from 0 to 500 and a 100% packet loss would be one fifth of this
> graph.

What you would like to achieve is layering a graph on top of another graph. 
This can be done in three steps:
1. Create graph with minimum 0, maximum 100, drawing packet loss.
2. Calculate minimum and maximum value for RTT in graphed interval, round them 
in some sensible way.
3. Using values from Step 2, draw new graph with minimum value set (maybe 0 
for consistent look - matter of taste actually) and maximum, so two graph 
created align nicely.

For this purpose I did create some time ago options --overlay and 
--background. Instead of using white background, a picture can bee used when 
creating a graph. Similarly another picture can be laid over created graph as 
last step. This capability is limited with GD format only, but this is 
solvable with conversion programm png2gd or alike.

It is not very easy to make two graphs align nicely, some experimenting and 
testing is required, certainly could be done.

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