[rrd-users] PB nmon + rrdtools

MALIVERNEY François FMALIVERNEY at unedic.fr
Mon Mar 21 09:59:58 MET 2005

Here my configuration:
AIX 4.3.3
rrdtool 1.0.33
nmon for AIX 

With nmon, I collect information of the system : /usr/bin/nmon -f -t -s 300 -c 287

Then I launch:  
 nmon2rrd -f hostname.nmon -d output --> OK
 cd output
 rrdtool - <rrd_create>rrd_create.log --> OK, all the files *.rrd are well create.
Exemple of file rrd_create :
create cpu_all.rrd --start 1109372404 --step 300  DS:User:GAUGE:288:U:U DS:Sys:GAUGE:288:U:U DS:Wait:GAUGE:288:U:U DS:Idle:GAU
GE:288:U:U  RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:288
create cpu01.rrd --start 1109372404 --step 300  DS:User:GAUGE:288:U:U DS:Sys:GAUGE:288:U:U DS:Wait:GAUGE:288:U:U DS:Idle:GAUGE
:288:U:U  RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:288

 rrdtool - <rrd_update>rrd_update.log --> OK ??? It has no error message there, but the files *.rrd are not updated
Exemple of file rrd_update :
update cpu01.rrd 1109372412:16.9:44.6:38.6:0.0
update cpu_all.rrd 1109372412:16.9:44.6:38.6:0.0

 rrdtool * rrd fetch AVERAGE ---> NaNQ everywhere.

Thus when I launch:
 rrdtool - <rrd_graph>rrd_graph.log --> I have many files *.gif but all the graphs are empty, no data at the interior.....

I does not understand well or come the problem. I tested with several version of rrdtool, and whatever the version used, I always arrive at same the réultat.  

Thank you for your help.

François Maliverney

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