[rrd-users] Re: Why is HRULE deprecated?

Chris Widhelm chris at widhelm.com
Tue May 16 23:02:33 MEST 2006

I tried it again just to make sure I wasn't missing something.

I *was* able to create a LINE entry with a static value.  However, I 
*was not* able to create a LINE entry that did not cause the graph to 
scale (the big benefit for me for HRULE).

I do agree that the visibility of LINE3 vs HRULE is much better.  
However, I can't sacrifice the ability to see a very small amount of 
traffic (< 3kbs) just so I can see a nice fat threshold at 3Mbs. 8)

I think it would be great if HRULE was enhanced to also support the size 
functionality provided by LINEn, while at the same time providing the 
ability to be excluded during graph generation.

Is there any formal process in place for making the request to keep 
HRULE?  And possibly enhance it?

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 11:55:26AM -0500, Chris Widhelm wrote:
>>I noticed that a number of graphing components are deprecated (print, 
>>gprint, hrule, stack).  I see the print, gprint and stack as upgrades.  
>>However, the HRULE being deprecated seems to prevent functionality, for 
>>example, the ability to create a threshold indicator that only shows 
>>when the graph is scaled high enough because of a C/V/DEF value.
>>Is there anywhere that describes the reason for the deprication as well 
>>as when the end of life will be on the HRULE?
>>Is there a work around to get the same functionality?  I tried the LINEn 
>>suggestion, which I couldn't get to replicate the functionality, plus 
>>LINE requires that you use a VNAME for the value instead of an actual value.
>Does  "LINE1:100#FF0000:threshold" not work anymore?  It used to work
>and was intended to work that way.
>Your argument about a HRULE that is only shown when it is inside the graph
>scale is, if true, a legitimate argument against deprecating HRULE.  It has
>been a while since I last looked at the source.  I do not remember if HRULE
>does (did?) change the upper and/or lower visible range.
>So far deprecating was only mentioned in the documentation.  HRULE will
>still work as it used to, so I guess it is easy to undo deprecating this.
>OTOH: with "LINE3:100#FF0000" you can have a very visible line; try that
>with HRULE.

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