[rrd-users] Data rounding or smoothing?

Dennis Busboom dcbnebr at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 11 07:58:15 MEST 2006

  [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]              I recently inherited the task of the care and feeding of an RRD that the company has had running for years.  Overall there have been no obvious problems with it until some recent changes in management necessitated some new reports.  The RRD contains several metrics read from various sensors.  Readings are taken and RRD is updated hourly.  Some input values change very little, if at all, over a span of several hours.  When plotted on a graph, all looks pretty good.  Now, the new boss (God love him) wants a printout of the numbers.  Easy enough, but I've found that there is a slight discrepancy when a given datasource value changes.  For example, actual readings for eight hours might be 3,3,3,3,3,1,1,1.  When the that data is fetched to be printed, the values stored are 3,3,3,3,3,2,1 1.  In this example the transition from "3" to "1" seems to 'buffer' the change with a "2".   Is this a function of the way the database was
 set up initially? Is this done to smooth the plotted line in a graph?  And is there a way to have the actual data updated and stored without the intermediate value being rounded up or down?  To further complicate matters, the version of rrdtool in use is 1.0.49, the latest available in the current stable Debian release.  I admit near total ignorance in the RRD world, so I'm basically learning as I go, with the hopes that things can be tweaked to everyone's liking without having to reinvent the wheel.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Dennis B.

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