[rrd-users] Label spaces and pipe mode

Cole Tuininga cole.tuininga at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 20:18:42 CET 2007

Hi all - I need a little help with using rrdtool's "pipe mode".  I
have a (potentially) lengthy command to send to rrdtool, so I'm making
use of the pipe mode to execute it.  If you might remember from my
last question, I'm adding spaces to the label names to help with
alignment.  The problem I'm running into is that if I have graphing
commands that look like:

AREA:GRAPH3:Area 2       :STACK

and I put them all on a single line, I get an error back from the
rrdtool pipe saying:

ERROR: Could not make sense out of \':STACK\'

Can anybody offer up the correct magic incantation (or even just
correct syntax :) ) to make this work correctly?  Thanks in advance.

Cole Tuininga

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