[rrd-users] How to Force Generation of VRULE Regardless of Scale

Chris Neumann chris at asterdata.com
Fri Jan 26 17:44:42 CET 2007


Were all four of your graphs generated from the same RRD, or were they each from a different RRD
with a different scale (i.e. hourly, rolled up to daily, rolled up to monthly, etc.?)

In my case, I have data collected and stored in 1 second slots.  Thus, a one-day graph would have
86,400 slots.  When graphing, I might use the entire RRD or just a subset of the domain (such as the
last 10 minutes - 600 slots, by specifying appropriate parameters for --end and --start).  What I've
found is unless I "zoom in" enough (restrict the graph's domain using --end and --start), the VRULEs
aren't drawn.  My suspicion is that if the domain gets too large, rrdtool graph will not display the
VRULEs, as they have a fixed "width" of one slot (e.g. one second, in my case).  How does this
compare to what you've been doing?


- Chris

Joe Loiacono wrote:
> I have had a different experience. I keep four MTG-like graphs (i.e., 24 
> hours, 7 days, 1 month, 1 year) and occasionally I add a VRULE. That VRULE 
> will appear on each graph (recall: varying time periods) at the specified 
> time, with the same pixel width.
> Joe
> rrd-users-bounces at lists.oetiker.ch wrote on 01/25/2007 12:16:16 PM:
> I have created several scripts that are used to generate usage graphs.
> Additionally, they can superimpose VRULEs overtop of the graphs at
> certain times.  However, if the duration of time displayed on the x-axis
> is too large, the VRULEs do not appear (presumably because their width
> becomes too small to register).
> Is there a way to force the VRULEs to be generated on graphs, regardless
> of the ratio between their actual pixel width and the graph scale
> (knowing that at larger durations, the placement of the VRULEs becomes
> less precise)?
> Thanks,
> - Chris
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