[rrd-users] How to Force Generation of VRULE Regardless of Scale

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at csc.com
Fri Jan 26 19:57:17 CET 2007

Chris Neumann <chris at asterdata.com> wrote on 01/26/2007 11:44:42 AM:

> Joe,
> Were all four of your graphs generated from the same RRD, or were 
> they each from a different RRD
> with a different scale (i.e. hourly, rolled up to daily, rolled up 
> to monthly, etc.?)

Same RRD.

> In my case, I have data collected and stored in 1 second slots. 
> Thus, a one-day graph would have
> 86,400 slots.  When graphing, I might use the entire RRD or just a 
> subset of the domain (such as the
> last 10 minutes - 600 slots, by specifying appropriate parameters 
> for --end and --start).  What I've
> found is unless I "zoom in" enough (restrict the graph's domain 
> using --end and --start), the VRULEs
> aren't drawn.  My suspicion is that if the domain gets too large, 
> rrdtool graph will not display the
> VRULEs, as they have a fixed "width" of one slot (e.g. one second, 
> in my case).  How does this
> compare to what you've been doing?

The widest set of points I plot is 365 1-day points.

A one-day graph in your case would need a width of 86400 pixels, and that 
sounds pretty big. So maybe rrdgraph 'fudges' when the specified graph 
width is smaller than the number of plotted points. And then it just skips 
'fudging' the VRULE onto the graph. (?)

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