[rrd-users] rrd graph - multiple graphs on one plot?

Gregory Guthrie guthrie at mum.edu
Wed Oct 3 22:08:08 CEST 2007

I wanted to have multiple data on one graph, and also add an
additional set of y-axis labels.

I'd like to have wind speed and direction on one graph, and have the
velocity labels as standard on the left Y-axis, but also add a
direction indicator (N S E W) scale label over the scaled
(0-360  =>  20-30) wind direction on the right hand side of the graph.

A site with a similar thing is at:
http:/ /www.iwindsurf.com/windandwhere.iws?regionID=100&siteID=1399
but they use icons for direction, I wanted to just plot it as a graph.


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