[rrd-users] Getting Started with RRD

Rene Fritzsche Rene at deinheld.de
Mon Oct 29 11:35:46 CET 2007


>     I have a system, that periodically reports server load, HDD load as well as a few other stats...to get started however I'd like to make a simple graph that plots server load, and ping response time.
> unix timestamp       ping-to response time        cpu load
> 1193624363        0.02                                  0.1
> 1193624363        0.001                                0.05
>     Is it possible to plot both of these bits of information on a same RRDTool graph? 

nope, unless you change the interval of value-readings to a minimum of 1 second
before trying to create a rrd out of these informations. ;-)

lets assume you check your server every minute (60s), you'd have to create a rrd
with some lines like this:

rrdtool create serverstats.rrd --step 60 \
 DS:ping:ABSOLUTE:120:0:U \
 DS:load:ABSOLUTE:120:0:U \
[and then the needed RRA-Definitions...]

but you should check the rrdtool-webpage for more detailed informations and documentation
how to use rrdtool at all. (www.rrdtool.org)


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