[rrd-users] y-axis scaling change from 1.0.46 to 1.2.12?

Christian Boehme Christian.Boehme at gwdg.de
Thu Jul 3 16:29:42 CEST 2008


Rene Fritzsche schrieb:
> what amazes me more is the fact, that not only the drawing itself
> changed (like the extra-space at the top, which seems to be produced
> by that little arrow ontop of the y-axis) but the average values too.
> is there some reason, why these calculations lead to different values
> although its the same formular?

Well, the change in averages is due to the two graphs being exported at 
slightly different times, i.e., the data is not completely identical. I 
though no one would notice :). However, the extra space can be even 
somewhat larger in other graphs, so I do not think it is caused by the 

Valter Douglas Lisbôa Jr. schrieb:
> Sorry man I read better your problem now. Is not the font, its the fit of 
> graph. woldn't --rigid be supposed to correct this? My graphs in 1.2.x has 
> the same behavior, it only fit exactly when I use HREF and --rigid together.

I used rigid for both graphs, so that does not help. What does HREF do? 
I do not find it in the man pages, but it rather seems to be related to 

Any other ideas? Thank you


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