[rrd-users] rrd and collectl

Bernard Li bernard at vanhpc.org
Tue Jul 22 19:53:30 CEST 2008

Hi Mark!

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 5:40 AM, Mark Seger <Mark.Seger at hp.com> wrote:

> I had posted a note to this list some time ago about collectl
> http://collectl.sourceforge.net/ and its use as a source of data for rrd
> and while I have had a few notes of mild interest I thought I'd try
> again since collectl is becoming better known and is even now part of
> fedora.  As with all monitoring situations, everyone has different needs
> and I've always tried to address as many as possible with collectl.
> For example, rrd recognizes the importance of finer granularity for more
> recent data but I doubt it could handle what collectl produces -
> hundreds of samples every 10 seconds or even more frequently, down to
> fractions of seconds if you prefer.  Maybe for a couple of nodes, but
> hundreds or thousands?  But collectl has a number of mechanisms to deal
> with a lot of different situations and perhaps the answer to this
> situation is to have collectl save all its data locally and only pass a
> subset (perhaps at a different frequency) up to rrd.  Then someone could
> use rrd to monitor a cluster and if a problem arises dive deeper into
> collectl's local data?  Just a thought.  Then again someone who knows
> rrd better might have a better solution.
> In any event, collectl has the ability to pass results over a socket or
> even write a current snapshot to a small file that another tool can pick
> up at its convenience.  In fact, collectl can even write its output in
> rrd format if that's what someone is looking for, but as I said I fear
> there may just be too much data.
> So if anyone does have any interest, check out what collectl can collect
> and if there is any interest in using it to feed rrd, let's talk...

I think this ongoing thread in rrd-developers might interest you:




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