[rrd-users] Question about RRDTool ..

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Thu Mar 20 14:19:56 CET 2008

> >Well, my original aim was to keep record of all the data for a full year.
> >I guess RRD is slightly overkill for what I want to do.
> It's probably the wrong tool for your job !

if you want to be able to 'zoom-in' at any point in time, you have
to setup your RRAs to all cover the full recording periode. For
performance reasons you should still keep 'consolideation-levels'
at lower resolutions, to cut time required for drawing overview
graphs ... This approach does take more diskspace, but it does not
have any negative performance impact.

Also note that storing an aequivalent amount of data in a
conventional database would most likely take a multiple of space
once it is populated.


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