[rrd-users] Generate graphs without a RRD?

Andy Riebs andy.riebs at hp.com
Sat Mar 22 22:32:19 CET 2008


Yes, you can populate a temporary rrd and use it to generate graphs, 
though I honestly have no idea how the performance would compare to 
other approaches.

The magic that you need: As you store each data sample in the rrd, 
specify the explicit timestamp, rather than "N:".

Presumably you've considered storing your entire database in an rrd?


Carsten Aulbert wrote:
> Hi,
> this is slightly offtopic, but I'll try anyway:
> In a server room i need to monitor I want to keep the data (taken every
> 60s) for a very long time, say a year. Right now I store the data in a
> SQLITE database and would like to display it prettily. Since I really
> like the RRDgraphs I would like to use them, but it seem they are tied
> very closely to RRDs.
> Thus my questions are, what options do I have?
> (1) Is it possible to call the RRDgraph tool with data I get from my
> database? If so, how?
> (2) Since the whole thing will be part of a interactive set-up (where
> people can access different time spans, zoom in etc), is it feasible to
> create a temporary RRD, fill it with data and then create the graphs if
> (1) is not be possible?
> Any suggestions, how this can be done?
> Thanks a lot
> Carsten
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