[rrd-users] fixed font sizes with rrdtool 1.3.x + cacti

nate rrdtool at aphroland.org
Fri Jan 9 00:05:35 CET 2009

Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> Hi Nate,


> the problem with the fonts is that your system seems to be missing
> a 'fixed width' font. rrdtool 1.3 uses fontconfig to pick up the
> fonts. it looks for one of the following fonts.
>  DejaVu Sans Mono,Bitstream Vera Sans Mono,monospace,Courier
> you can type
>  fc-list
> to see what you have. I would recommend installing the dejavu fonts
> and then running fc-cache and checking with fc-list that they get
> found.
> maybe it is sufficient to ruun fc-cache
> also there is a config file for the whole fontconfig stuff,
> probably in /etc/fontconfig

I think that did the trick (fc-cache), the graphs look more "normal"
now and I see it is loading a monospace font when I run rrdtool by
hand -

open("/usr/share/fonts/dejavu-lgc/DejaVuSansMono-Roman.ttf", O_RDONLY) = 3

Before it was opening fonts like DejaVuLGCSerif.ttf.

I also had to clear out the "RRDTool font path" in cacti's config,
If I put anything in there it switches back to a non monospace font
(not sure which one).

Thanks for the help and for the great tools over the years Tobi!


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