[rrd-users] rrdcached + MRTG

José Luis Megías Martín joseluis.megias at satec.es
Thu Nov 19 15:52:28 CET 2009


I'm trying to run 'rrdcached + MRTG', but I'm not sure if the following steps are ok:

I set RRDCACHED_ADDRESS environment variable:

I run rrdcached as:
  rrdcached -l <some typical params>

but when I run mrtg, I get this error message:
  ERROR: Cannot update file.rrd with '1257937902:14296586674:19866901102' The "RRDCACHED_ADDRESS" environment variable is defined, but "dummy" cannot work with rrdcached. Either unset the environment variable or use "update" instead

It's necessary to apply some kind of patch to mrtg ?
What does '"dummy" cannot work with rrdcached' mean ?

Thanks in advance
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