[rrd-users] RRDTool and rrdlib on Windows

Dod dodfr at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 11 10:07:40 CET 2010


I  call  rrdtool  executable but I do group many datas as command line
parameters so I import multiple points within one rrdtool call, I also
call rrdtool from a Windows version of tcsh that support a much longer
command  line  parameter length so I can double the number of points I
can import within one rrdtool call.

I  also  made  some  kind  of "differential import" that also optimize
importation  of datas : all datas are originaly stored into a CSV that
is  increasing  each  minute,  CSV has a date/time column. Each time I
"import"  this CSV into RRD I read last RRD data timestamp entry, then
I  look  for  last  entry line into CSV, then I start importation from
this  last  date  and  that's it. All done from a simple PHP script on
Windows  (and  this  php  script  is started from tcsh windows version


C> Does anyone have a C/C++ or ideally a C# or VB.NET wrapper for calling librrd
C> directly so as to avoid invoking a new process for loading each data point
C> into the RRD? It would be much more efficient to call the librrd library in
C> process rather RRDTool process.

C> Also, if I download or build a "native" version of RRDTool for Windows, is
C> the CRT library sufficient or must the GNU libraries be used?

C> Any examples or articles or doc on loading float/double values into RRD? I'm
C> confused on how to get counter values that are floating into an RRD.

C> Thanks, Dave 

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