[rrd-users] VRULE Thickness and Legend Throttling

Gabriel Millerd gmillerd at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 01:15:16 CET 2010


I have a simple graph of a system's characteristics, and I would like
to produce a VRULE untop of that graph for when updates are deployed
to that system's app server and when the app server is restarted.
Since I am making my graphs dynamically, I can fetch those times and
make the VRULE%d#FF0000:"Code Swtich" type entries.

Right now this works fine, but I have a few issues.

1) The single pixel thickness seems very hard to read, there is no
VRULE2 (like LINE2) type modifier.
2) Multiple Legend entries "Code Switch" "Code Switch" is rough, right
now I just show the last code switch to avoid it.

Is there a mechanism I should be using instead?

I tried making an actual measurement for when a code switch or restart
occurred, where its always NaN  until it occurs and then I flare a
number, however that can upset the scaling of the graph with the bogus
metric it seems. i should likely revisit this, perhaps a large sized
line at zero would look like a dot.

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