[rrd-users] retrieving lower level information from defined higher level archieves

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun Nov 28 21:28:56 CET 2010

josh joshua wrote:

>I have rrd file with weather day captured  per day, per month. 
>Suppose I want to find out weather condition for minute, is it 
>possible to do that from given rrd graph?
>To be precise, currently my RRD file has RRA defined for  per day 
>, per month. Without adding new RRA which corresponds to per hour or 
>per minute, can I retrieve data using currently available 
>information (per month, per day) ?

If your best resolution data is "per day", then no - there simply is 
not the data to graph at a higher resolution. RRD only stores the 
data you ask it to plus a few internal values used to calculate it.

If you want to plot/extract data for a higher resolution, then you'll 
have to alter your database to hold the extra data, and possibly 
modify your collection routines to make sure it's populated in a 
timely manner.

Simon Hobson

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