[rrd-users] break in line graph when using IF...

Anders Kvist anders at kvistmail.dk
Thu Oct 28 20:32:39 CEST 2010

Hi Guys

Check this graph:
http://lnxbx.dk/~akv/temp/eltavle.png  <http://lnxbx.dk/%7Eakv/temp/eltavle.png>

It's our current powerconsumption, the
blue is UPS and red is everything (meter in our circuit breaker panel).
The difference of the two is primary the cooling.

The green temperature graph is because if the temperature is 8 degrees
(C) or lower, we use freecooling (this data is grabbed from the local
airport). It would be nice to have the temperature graph as one
continuous line, but right now, it's broken each time the temperature
goes up or under 8 degrees. Can this be done in an other way?

This is how it's drawn right now:
LINE2:tempover#006600:"Temperature (AIR)\n"
LINE2:tempunder#00BB00:"Temperature (AIR)\n"

It would of cause also be nice only to have ONE line definition, so it
only shows up once...


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