[rrd-users] Trend of Daily Peaks

Karl Fischer rrd-users at ficos.de
Wed Feb 9 23:17:40 CET 2011

Am 09.02.2011 21:00, schrieb Kyle Brandt:
> If possible I would really like to do it all in the graph.
> To define the peak mathematically something like the following would
> be ideal. Break the day into hour blocks and average out of the
> bandwidth usage of the blocks. Then take that result and pick the
> highest value block as the peak value for the day.  Lastly, trend
> these values over a larger period of time. This seems like something
> that would be easy to do in the rra originally -- but I want to work
> with existing data.
> Does that make sense?

well, somewhat ...

You can break the data timeline into hour blocks by specifying the step,
optionally followed by a consolidation function for data reduction.
So in theory you could be using something like this:


you can pick the daily max the exact same way:


however, I'm not quite sure if reduce=MAX would work as expected in
combination with the step=3600 or if these values would be averaged?
I guess it's worth a try.

Of course you're better off if you already have the MAX values in rrd.
Then you can use:


Then you can create your trend on the hourly MAXes:


give it a try and see where you get ...

- Karl

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