[rrd-users] Showing the average for a specific time period

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Sounds what you want is the Holt-Winters Aberrant Behaviour detection.

To get this, you need to define the normal pattern cycle (in this case, probably weekly)and define the special HW RRAs in the RRD file.  Read up on the HW support in the RRD documentation, as its far too complex to fully exlain here.


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Dear experts,

I am monitoring the number of users of applications, and I want to show the actual number and the average number at that point in time. So I have my data every 10 minutes, and I want to show how the data for now compares with the data, which is normal (average), for example, for Monday at 10:20. How do I go about doing that?

I could create variables in the database for this peculiar average, and maintain it myself: Every time I write to the database, I recalculate this average. But I wonder whether RRDtool can do it for me?

With kind regards, and thank you for your attention,

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