[rrd-users] Top-posting vs bottom-posting was Re: CDEF: comparing Strings

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Tue Nov 8 17:31:55 CET 2011

Today Pablo Sanchez wrote:

> [ Comments below, in-line ]
> On Tuesday, November 08, 2011 at 10:02 AM, Aleksandr Pasechnik penned
> about Re: [rrd-users] CDEF: comparing Strings
> > My argument is that the quoted content is not for reading, it is for
> > reference. Comments?
> Sure, I'll comment.  :)
> I don't like top-posted threads because it's simply not a natural way
> to read.  Why should we (humans) change our normal method of reading
> for a computer?  I don't see a perceived gain.
> In all likelihood, the reason for top-posting is due to Microsoft
> Outlook defaulting the cursor at the top of the reply-mail.  Same with
> Blackberry (and those types).  Lousy developer decision.
> I also find that those folks who top-post, when it comes to a
> multi-query e-mail, may miss some of the questions.  In a business
> scenario, this puts added drag on the sender to have to resend a
> message and say, `so what about B, C and D?'
> I also find it annoying when people don't change the Subject of a
> thread when it's changed.  :) :) :)!

... this list is 'top' 'bottom' policy free ... every one to the best
of their abilities and convictions ... I bet most are flexible
enough to deal with either way ...


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