[rrd-users] Problems after migration from FreeBSD (rrdtool 1.4.5) to Debian (rrdtool 1.4.7)

Dariusz Górecki darek.krk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 21:48:15 CEST 2012


I have recently migrated very big installation of rrdcached from old 
FreeBSD to new Debian.
On BSD the rrdtool/cached version is 1.4.5, and on Debian it is 1.4.7.

We have over 500k+ rrd files and in BSD everything works fine, on 
Debian, rrdcached produces strange errors in logfile (and system itself 
dosen't scream about it just saliently fails :/ )

I see this msg in log, in a numerous times:

rrdcached[2780]: send_response: could not write status message

And "system" (written in perl) does not complain about it, so I have no 
idea on witch files it fails.
I now see "holes" in generated graphs, sometimes it lacks 5min sometimes 
1hour is missing in graph.

Is there any way to debug/trace cause of this problem?


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