[rrd-users] If input is already in text format and I craft a perl script to parse the text format and update rrd database, what should the step and heartbeat be?

Steven Sim unixandme at outlook.com
Mon Jun 9 17:11:59 CEST 2014


my sensor tech staff has collated the readings onto several text files,
each reading 15 minutes apart.

I have crafted a Perl script to parse the text file and execute rrdtool
update for each reading in the text file.

In this case, what should be my step and heartbeat?

The actual readings are taken 15 minutes apart, but the actual feeding into
the rrdtool database are actually loops through the perl script, each
update at most a second or less apart

Do i still retain step=15 minutes and heartbeat=15 minutes x 2 ?

Deepest Regards
Steven Sim
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