[smokeping-users] Cisco RttMon/SAA probe written

Joerg Kummer matto_ at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 27 16:33:10 MEST 2003

I wrote a (first version of a) probe for Smokeping, which uses the Cisco 
RttMon MIB (Cisco Service Assurance Agent SAA) to measure ICMP echo 
roundtrip times between a Cisco IOS box and an IP address. The code is 
attached. I tried to make a reasonable description in pod format in 
CiscoRTTMonEchoICMP.pm .

The mechanism for other SAA measurement types, e.g. DNS or http, seems quite 
similar. So, I hope the code can be used as a first template to implement 
other SAA probes.

open issues:

I had difficulties with snmpset in SNMP_util.pm, because I needed to set a 
variable of the type "timeticks" and SNMP_util.pm doesn't seem to support 
it. I modified SNMP_util 0.89 (slightly), because I was too lazy to work 
directly with SNMP_Session.pm .

I think it would be beneficial to make a differentiation in the data and the 
graphs between the cases
1) the measurement failed for some reason, e.g. smokeping or the smokeping 
host were down, the Cisco was down, SNMP access to the Cisco didn't work ...
So, we don't know about the state of the target and the network path to the 
2) the measurement succeded, but no ping replies were received.
We DO know that the target was not reachable over the network.

Usually unnecessary extra pings are sent and their results are ignored (has 
something to do with RTTMon MIB implementation).

The code needs further testing - especially against other IOS versions. I 
managed to crash a IOS 12.0(9) box quite "reliably", but didn't see any 
crashes on IOS 12.0(5)T1 ->> I strongly recommend to use the probe with less 
critical routers running IOS >= 12.0(5)T.

tschuess !

MSN - More useful every day  http://www.msn.ch

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