[smokeping-users] Re: Shortening the step causes smokeping to fail

Jonathan Stewart jonathan.stewart at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 19:23:24 MEST 2006

I feel the fool replying to myself, but i was able to correct the
problem by removing some extra settings i had added to the fping

Specifically, i removed (well commented out)

#hostinterval = 1
#mininterval = 0.002

I don't understand why these settings were causing it to fail... Can
anyone here englighten me?

Thanks again,

On 6/28/06, Jonathan Stewart <jonathan.stewart at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm having a problem lowering the 'step' interval with smokeping 2.0.5.
> I wanted to drop it from the default 300 s down to 30 s (though
> perhaps 60 is more reasonable).  I currently have 113 targets defined.
> I adjusted the 'step' setting, and restarted smokeping.  At that point
> i realized that the RRD files need to agree with the config file, so i
> deleted the RRD files, started smokeping, and waited.
> What i discovered has varied and is confusing to me.  The latest
> symptoms were a step of 30, but the packets were only actually being
> sent every 5 minutes, resulting in completely strange graphs, with 4.5
> minute graps between a 30s sample.
> Currenly, i dropped the number of pings to 10, step of 60, and i get
> no test probes at all, and my system is not sending out ICMP packets.
> I have not changed the database definitions at all, but i have deleted
> the RRD files after changing step or pings settings.
> I've become baffled, i don't understand what's failing, the logs don't
> seem to complain.  Does anyone have ideas of what's going wrong?
> Thanks much,
> Jonathan


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