[smokeping-users] missing max for DS uptime? again

Fran Boon flavour at partyvibe.com
Thu Mar 16 17:20:41 MET 2006

Upgraded Smokeping from 1.31 to 2.0.7 after reading through the 
excellent smokeping_upgrade docs.
All gone fine apart from 1 odd error which appears in the webUI at odd 
times & always when starting via the CLI:
/var/www/smokeping/var/Web/Star.rrd: missing max for DS uptime?
CLI shows it with this:
at /var/www/smokeping/lib-2.0.7/Smokeping/RRDtools.pm line 126.

If I try to remove that entry then the error reoccurs against another entry.

'smokeping --check' says that the syntax is OK

Reading upgrade again it seems this may be due to the RRD parameter 
config file has 'pings = 20' & always has had

Browsing through the mail archives, I see that this has come up before:
There is talk there of a fix in the next release...did this make it in?
My Perl is 5.8.0-90.4
My RRDTool is Dag's 1.0.50-2.1 (I am considering upgrading to 1.2.x - 
are there dangers here?)
The output from the test script in that thread is:
Perl version: 5.008
RRDs version: 1.000501
file RRD version: 0001
test exists: no
test defined: no
test2 exists: yes
test2 defined: yes

This was a mild irritant before but now I've lost all graphing since the 
latest reboot after an up2date on my RedHat Enterprise 3 box!
- perhaps this was the first reboot since the Smokeping upgrade.
I tried reverting to the previous Kernel with no luck, I tried 
recompiling SpeedyCGI with no luck.
fping & echoping (which do the data collection) both work fine from the CLI

I tried 'smokeping --debug' which shows a little bit of what's going on 
behind the scenes, but no error messages, other then the one I've 
already seen.
The errors is after these sections:
### Compiling alert detector pattern 'startloss'
### Compiling alert detector pattern 'rttdetect'
### Compiling alert detector pattern 'bigloss'
### Compiling alert detector pattern 'someloss'

Many thanks for any/all assistance,

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