[smokeping-users] 2.2.6 on ubuntu and Curl is no longer working with SSL

Ian Griswold ian.griswold at globalpay.com
Tue Nov 6 21:11:20 CET 2007

OK, built a new Ubuntu 7.10 server and did a fresh install of SmokePing
2.2.6 from the tarball, no apt.  Worked things over for a while and
imported the old smokeping "config" file.

Volia, everythign looks great, EXCEPT I'm using the Curl probe for web
site stats.  When the target is using SSL, thus url-https://. . ., I get
a message like:

 smokeping[29629]: Curl: WARNING: curl exited with status 77 on

So what's up with the 77 error?  Please note that this config works fine
with SmokePing 2.1.6.

+ Curl
 # probe-specific variables
 binary = /usr/bin/curl
 step = 60
 offset = random
 # a default for this target-specific variable
 urlformat = http://%host%/

+++ MY_GP--web
probe = Curl
menu = my.********.com--web
title = my.********.com--web
host = my.*********.com
pings = 5
urlformat = https://my.*********.com/
alerts = bigloss,rttdetect
alertee = **********@globalpay.com

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