[smokeping-users] Some beginner questions

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Wed Oct 10 08:10:14 CEST 2007

I'm now running Smokeping 2.2.4 on PCLinuxOS 2007 (Slackware Derivative)
and have a few questions that I couldn't find in the docs.
Apologize in advance if I missed it.

1. What is the correct way to gracefully shutdown smokeping?
I see there is a reload/restart option but not a stop.

I can easily kill it with a SIGTERM and utilizing the pid file however
as the pid file remains, I was wondering if this is the correct way
to let smokeping let it's probes finish and cleanup before exiting.

Thought the pid file would be removed on a graceful exit.

2. I had removed a target from the config and after restarting smokeping
it was generating a "missing section" error for that target on the web page.

A sledgehammer approach was to remove the cache/data files and it
worked after that. I had tried to just remove the files I thought were
related to the removed target but that wasn't working.

Is there a cleaner method to remove targets or should smokeping ignore
targets that are not defined in the config?

3. As I'm still "tweaking" things, do I need to remove already existing 
rrd files when changing things such as step and pings for those targets?

Appreciate the help.
Many Thanks

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