[smokeping-users] Smokeping packet loss issues

Dez Cadena dez at otenet.gr
Wed Oct 31 14:53:56 CET 2007

Hello all,

The padding could also differ from ping to fping. In other words,
the default pattern could be different and that could
certainly affect the results when pinging some network

Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> Israel,
> note the smokeping configures fping with 500ms default timeout ...
> also fping sends several pings in quick succession .. there may be
> icmp ratelimiting configured somewhere on the way ...
> cheers
> tobi
> Yesterday Israel Brewster wrote:
>> I am having some issues using smokeping with the fping plugin to
>> monitor one of my routers. Specifically, when using fping from the
>> command line, I get two, or occasionally three, packets returned from
>> the router, and then nothing, no matter how long I let it loop.
>> Stopping and restarting it gives me another two returns, then again
>> nothing. Smokeping shows the same situation, reporting 90% packet
>> loss. Using ping on the same host at the same time shows no packet
>> loss for as long as I want to leave it running. Using smokeping/fping
>> on two other identical routers also works properly- it is only this
>> one router that gives the issues, and only when using fping. These
>> are all high-latency hosts (600-1000 ms is typical), but I have the
>> timeout set to 2 seconds, so that should be more than long enough.
>> Would you have any idea why this is happening, and what I can do to
>> fix it? Thanks.

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