[smokeping-users] Slave loss computation broken?

Lars Hecking lhecking at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jul 2 11:41:17 CEST 2008

 Take a look at the attached graph from a smokeping slave. Although there
 clearly are more than two dozen periods of packet loss, the legend says
 0.00% for avg/max/min/now packet loss. I've not seen this for any master

 Out of 30 slave graphs, only 8 or so show the problem, but the probe in
 question is always AnotherDNS with a record type of MX. Not all probes
 of this type exhibit the problem. E.g. for one particular probe:

 - overview/3h/30h graph wrong
 - 10day/400day graph correct (non-zero loss)

 All graphs based on a plain DNS probe seem to be correct.


+ AnotherDNS

offset = 50%
step = 300
pings = 5


probe = AnotherDNS
menu = foo_dns_mx
title = DNS MX on FOO
host =
lookup = bar.company.com
recordtype = MX
slaves = host.sub.company.com

 smokeping 2.4.1
 rrdtool 1.2.27 (1.3 doesn't build on RHEL3)

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