[smokeping-users] tcpping not working

Andre Gustavo Lomonaco lomonaco at ipplus.com.br
Mon Jul 14 23:47:18 CEST 2008

Hi guys, 


I have the same problem informed by David Tomic in this thread:




I tried to do the same steps to resolve that problem but I couldn’t get my
tcpping works.


I´m using SmokePing 2.4.1, tcpping 1.6 and tcptraceroute 1.5beta7 (I
couldn’t compile tcptraceroute 1.4 in my Centos 5.2 Box)


If possible, I would to like to know what versions of smokeping, tcpping and
traceroute I can use without have to change the code in the scripts or in
TCPPing.pm file.


Thanks in Advanced,


My Best Regards,


Andre Lomonaco


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