[smokeping-users] FPing alternative

Mike Lerley mike at rentageekme.com
Fri May 16 20:16:18 CEST 2008

On Friday 16 May 2008, Israel Brewster wrote:
> > I have just started experiencing the same thing pinging a Linksys
> > WRV54G
> > router.  I get exactly two pings back, and if I leave fping running
> > in -l
> > mode I get two more after 5 minutes or so, and occasionaly I get pairs
> > returned after that.  Regular ping works perfectly.  I've never
> > experienced
> > this before.  I swapped out the previous router, a BEFSR41 that
> > failed, and
> > suddenly I'm unable to consistently ping the connection I did an
> > hour ago.
> > -mike
> Interesting. Good to know I'm not the only one with this problem. This
> would also seem to indicate that the problem does not lie with the
> connection itself, but rather the device being pinged. Of course, the
> fact that a standard ping works fine as well would also tend to
> indicate this. I also find it interesting that both the devices that
> are giving me trouble, as well as the devices that are giving you
> trouble are Linksys routers- although in my case it is RV082's and not
> WRV54G's. Maybe Linksys has done something odd with their firmware? Of
> course, this still doesn't explain why ping works perfectly while
> FPing doesn't, even when fiddling with FPing parameters such as
> timeout and host interval to make it send pings the same as ping does.
> Annoying.

Extremely annoying.  An example of the smokeping output can be seen at 
http://www.rentageekme.com/smokeping/?target=Other.Tobeys.Tobeys -- 9AM today 
is when I switched routers.  I have been running smokeping for years against 
many different devices and have never seen fping do this.  The linksys router 
I'm pinging does have the latest version of the firmware on it; I didn't test 
fping against the older version as I did the fw update before putting it into 

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