[smokeping-users] ERROR: opening '/tmp/smokeping-ms/data/mysite1/myhost1.rrd': No such file or directory

Joshua Andrews joshua_andrews at gemvision.com
Wed Jul 27 15:42:18 CEST 2011


Not sure, but it "feels" more like the file doesn't exist which means smokeping may not have created the data.  Have you already setup the cron job and given it time to run some data before trying to load the links on the site?

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Subject: [smokeping-users] ERROR: opening '/tmp/smokeping-ms/data/mysite1/myhost1.rrd': No such file or directory

Hi,  I'm getting this error:

When I click on a menu item (eg 'MySite1) I get the failure.
ERROR: opening '/tmp/smokeping-ms/data/mysite1/myhost1.rrd': No such
file or directory

Can somebody tell me how to fix this?

I set tmp/smokeping-ms/data to permission 777 and I set ownership of
both 'smokeping-ms' and 'data' to smokeping:smokeping.  I also tried
setting ownership to apache:apache but I still get the failure above.

I am doing everything as root.  I started smokeping as user root.

root is able to run RRDTool and make a new *.rrd file
user smokeping is able to run  "rrdtool --help"  but gets a permission
denied error when trying to create an *.rrd file.

Is the source of
ERROR: opening '/tmp/smokeping-ms/data/mysite1/myhost1.rrd': No such
file or directory
in the permissioning?

How can I fix this error?    I can set up new users and groups if
necessary.  I've noticed references to user 'www' but I have yet to
set up this user.   I guess that it is related to apache.  It would be
great if someone could clarify the role of www.

thank you very much


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