[smokeping-users] Old Alerts?

Steven Stromer filter at stevenstromer.com
Tue Jun 21 22:31:36 CEST 2011

Hi. Smokeping is fantastic, but configuration has given me an issue...

I started with a tiny config file with only one alert, 'someloss'. Next, I built out my config file for my network, with probes, targets and a range of alerts. The original alert 'someloss' was removed. Yet, when I watch the smokeping logs, the ONLY alert I see active is 'someloss':

Jun 21 15:57:47 sstromer smokeping[92450]: Alert someloss is active for LAN_to_DOMAIN_HOST_Pings.Mail_Server_url
Jun 21 15:57:48 sstromer smokeping[92450]: Alert someloss is active for LAN_to_LAN.to_Router_ip

I've performed a string search through the file contents of all relevant directories for the term 'someloss', and can't find a single instance in any file containing this term. I've, of course, both reloaded and restarted smokeping to no avail. Is there something more aggressive I have to do, such as removing all of the .rdd files from existing targets?

Also, for future reference, what does it mean when an alert is logged as 'active'? Is the log activity triggered by the beginning of an alert pattern being met, by the full pattern being met, by the alert meeting all of the conditions necessary to trigger an email/application launch, or something other?

Thanks for the attention,

Steven Stromer

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