[smokeping-users] slaves and web servers

Werner Thal w_thal at gmx.de
Thu May 31 10:48:04 CEST 2012

Hallo Mark,

I don't think that this is an apache permission problem, because apache only does the
presentation of the data. The RRDs are written by the smokeping deamon, I assume.

So, since I didn't have any experience with this master/slave construct I also don't
have any clues for this. 

But I also have some issue in conjunction with more than one FPING probes.
If I enable multiple FPING probes, smokeping stops writing the RRDs.
After doing some (short ;o) ) debugging and don't finding any hints, i tried to 
start smokeping as root directly from the command line and let it deamonize itself.
Than I noticed that my graphs are working again, also with multiple probes active.

So maybe this is a workaround for you too? Trie to start the smokeping as root
directly from CLI and look what happens. So I know that this is only a workaround,
because it is not recommended starting smokeping as root directly.


> Ok, I am thinking this is a permissions issue with apache not being 
> able to write to the rrd files, which is probably why the master works 
> fine, but its needed for slaves. First, how do I get smokeping to run as 
> a different user? This way i can add apache to its group. Right now its 
> just running as root. I installed smokeping from source from the site. I 
> am surprised these instructions arent part of the docs on the site. BTW, 
> my OS is CentOS 5.x.
> Thanks!
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