[smokeping-users] slaves not update its new assigments

sosogh sosogh at 126.com
Sun Nov 17 12:57:33 CET 2013

Hi list
I have encountered the same problem as the one in this post -- slaves not update its new assigments  .
In order to make the slaves get the new configuration,I have to reload every slave.

Smokeping on slaves and master are installed via apt-get in ubuntu 12.04.
Version is 2.006007.
I have also replaced it to Smokeping 2.006009 on master and slave (installed via source code).
But the problem remains.

How I start slave is :
./smokeping --master-url=  --cache-dir=/var/lib/smokeping   --shared-secret=/etc/smokeping/slavesecrets.conf  --debug-daemon 

How I start master is :
start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --exec /usr/sbin/smokeping --oknodo --chuid www-data --pidfile /var/run/smokeping/smokeping.pid -- --config=/etc/smokeping/config 

I have checked log files on slaves,but did not find any useful info.
Are there any other ways to debug it ? 
Thank you

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