[smokeping-users] Use WinSCP to modify Targets file

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Apr 19 21:40:10 CEST 2017

I'm not that familiar with WinSCP, but I can't imagine it can edit a file *in-place.*
[SSH/SCP simply doesn't have the RPC's to handle that - at least that I'm aware of. SSH/SCP can copy files, display output, take input and run things like Vi on the remote host, but how would it allow you to open a file in an editor that doesn't exist on *nix, and edit the file?]

It's going to have to copy the file to the local file system on Windows [even if in the temp dir] allow you to edit it, and then copy it back.
Since you say that won't work, then I'd assume you'd want to make a local copy of the file, edit it, and once you've made changes, copy it back.

WinSCP does have synchronization, though I've never used it. I would assume it would do exactly what you're looking to do - you keep a local copy of the SP configs, and edit them to your satisfaction and then connect and sync.

[This has, really, nothing to do with Smokeping, though. Not that I mind...]

Perhaps I misunderstand what you're trying to do, but you haven't been very clear.


The user has rights to the SP dir.  I can open the file locally or remotely, just can’t save any changes.  I have to use sudo to make the changes.
Haven’t tried this, but I’m wondering if I should make a copy of the file with WinSCP, make changes, then Putty in and copy/replace the file with sudo?  What a hassle. 
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Couldn't you simply add the user you're logging in as [with WinSCP] to a group that has rights to the smokeping config directory(s)?
Then you'd be able to copy/access the files just fine.

[Or, simply enable the root user for SSH. This is usually what I do, as my smokeping boxes are not general use boxes and any time I'm working on them, I want/need root privs - so no real use using a "regular" non root user. If the root login is reasonably well secured, IMO, it's a reasonable choice.]


Wondering what’s the easiest way to modify SmokePing  Targets file from Windows?

I was thinking of WinSCP.  But it appears I can’t issue sudo so I can’t save the file.

Any suggestions?  

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