[mrtg] Re: [Newbie]: Text, but no graphs

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Oct 13 22:32:46 MEST 1999

Joe Loiacono wrote:
> I've set up MRTG to query a Cisco ATM interface. I flood the interface for
> twenty minutes. The text at the bottom of the graph (max, avg, current) is
> being updated, however I am not seeing any plotted lines. The y-axis scale
> goes from 1 to 4 bytes/second. I see the warning about empty graphs on
> initial runs and I've deleted the corresponding initial files, to no avail.
> I've set MAXBYTES correctly (I believe.) Any hints?

You mean: you *do* get graphs (as opposed to subject line) but they don't
display anything?

If so:

1) Make sure you get errors, if any. This means: do not believe statements
   from people claiming to do " >/dev/null 2>&1"

2) Make sure you refresh the graphs too, not only the HTML page.
   For instance, Netscape won't look for new graphs, it just assumes
   every image is an advertisement and it won't even do an header request
   to see if it's updated (sick). Hold the shift key and click
   on reload. Do *not* use ctrl-R.

If the numbers in the graph change and if they show values that should
be visible in the graphs, maxbytes is not the problem.

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