[mrtg] Re: [Newbie]: Text, but no graphs

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at nastg.gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 14 16:58:23 MEST 1999

Thanks Alex,

I run mrtg via cron and any errors are returned via mail. I haven't seen
any (I have seen errors when I didn't have something set up right) and the
graphs are getting updated with the text correctly. Just the plots don't
show and the y-axis scale is pretty weird. The graphics created are 'png'
files. Is that expected (i.e., as opposed to 'gif')



At 10:32 PM 10/13/99 +0200, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
>Joe Loiacono wrote:
>> I've set up MRTG to query a Cisco ATM interface. I flood the interface for
>> twenty minutes. The text at the bottom of the graph (max, avg, current) is
>> being updated, however I am not seeing any plotted lines. The y-axis scale
>> goes from 1 to 4 bytes/second. I see the warning about empty graphs on
>> initial runs and I've deleted the corresponding initial files, to no avail.
>> I've set MAXBYTES correctly (I believe.) Any hints?
>You mean: you *do* get graphs (as opposed to subject line) but they don't
>display anything?
>If so:
>1) Make sure you get errors, if any. This means: do not believe statements
>   from people claiming to do " >/dev/null 2>&1"
>2) Make sure you refresh the graphs too, not only the HTML page.
>   For instance, Netscape won't look for new graphs, it just assumes
>   every image is an advertisement and it won't even do an header request
>   to see if it's updated (sick). Hold the shift key and click
>   on reload. Do *not* use ctrl-R.
>If the numbers in the graph change and if they show values that should
>be visible in the graphs, maxbytes is not the problem.
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