[mrtg] Returned values being rolling over, clipped or something

Rod Oliver roliver at flash.a2000.nl
Tue Oct 19 22:06:51 MEST 1999

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I had a problem when the values to be graphed by MRTG seemed
to be lower than should be expected. The interfaces being graphed having
this problem all regularly see in the order of at least 100Mb going through
them. When the traffic over the interface gets up to around 100Mb MRTG
starts to graph it as being much lower, as if suddenly there were a lot of
dropped packets. I checked the interface and the number of packets through
it did not compare to that shown by MRTG. When I change the frequency of the
crontab for running MRTG from every 5 minutes to every minute the graphing
becomes normal. I don't much like the idea of having to send snmp gets to
the interfaces that frequently if I can otherwise help it. Is this due to a
limitation of SNMP, of MRTG or something that I have overlooked?
Rod Oliver

chello broadband nv

Network Operations

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