[mrtg] How do you make MRTG run faster?

Robin Burger robin.burger at bms.com
Thu Oct 21 21:37:00 MEST 1999

Good afternoon from the wonderful state of CT.

I have MRTG ((2.8.6)) running on a Sun 'Ultra Enterprise 2'

I currently have 29 config files that run 4,125 targets and take 21
minuets to complete.  Is there a way that anyone knows that I can
shorten the length of time it takes to complete the transactions?

I have one line item in my crontab that executes all of the instances
(29) of MRTG that I want to run in the background. I thought about
breaking out the Targets into seperate files, but from I can find in the
e-mail log files this is '''not''' the way to do it.

The thing is that I want to run 'MORE' instances of MRTG and I am
wondering if this will slow down the process even further.  Cursory
examination of the time it takes to run indicates that the bottleneck is
with the SNMP part and not MRTG since I believe that MRTG runs the
'Targets' sequentially and it looks to be the number of parallel process
that stalls it (i.e. the number of SNMP calls)

Also when I run the intances of MRTG by themselves, they tend to run
around 1-3 minuets, depending on the number of targets in the config
file.  In addition  when I  run all of the MRTG instances in sequence,
it takes 49 minuets to complete all transactions.

Suggestions? Ideas? Comments?

Thank you!

Robin L. Burger
"Robin Burger" <robin.burger at bms.com>

----- command summantion -----

# uname -a
SunOS scully 5.6 Generic_105181-15 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-2
# snmpget -V
UCD-snmp version: 4.0.1

# ls cat5*.cfg | wc
      30      30     495

# grep -i target cat5*.cfg | grep -v '^#' | wc
    4125    8627  270720

(( Looking at locked files... and when the last lock file disapears...))

Wed Oct 20 14:36:56 EDT 1999     0
Wed Oct 20 14:57:09 EDT 1999     0  (( 21 min ))

# crontab -l | grep mrtg
10,40 * * * * /export/home/mrtg/configs/run.all.cfg

# grep '^\/export' /export/home/mrtg/configs/run.all.cfg | wc -l

# grep '^\/export' /export/home/mrtg/configs/run.all.cfg  | head -5

((( parallel instances {&} vs without running them in the background {}

# grep -i target /export/home/mrtg/configs/cat5000-1d1.cfg | grep -v
'^#' | head -5
Target[cat5000-1d1.wfd.pri.bms.com]: 1:Community_string at cat5000-1d1
Target[cat5000-1d1.2]: 2:Community_string at cat5000-1d1
Target[cat5000-1d1.3]: 3:Community_string at cat5000-1d1
Target[cat5000-1d1.4]: 4:Community_string at cat5000-1d1
Target[cat5000-1d1.10]: 10:Community_string at cat5000-1d1

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