[mrtg] Re: How do you make MRTG run faster?

Tim Kennedy sugarat at thunderhold.sugarat.net
Fri Oct 22 01:32:40 MEST 1999

I run MRTG on a similar, but x86 based server.  The box is dual cpu
@350mhx, w/ 384MB SDRAM.

I have 143 cfg files, each for it's own router.  All routers are cisco

A couple of things I have done to speed things up, are, (and I use a
slightly older model of mrtg)

1) Edit SNMP_session.pm to change the number of retries and timeout
length. retries is set to 2, and timeout set to 1.0, backoff set to 0.0
I am not concerned with 1, or 2, missed gather points over a 15 or so
minute period, as in teh long run everything is smoothed out anyways.
This helps alot when something doesn't answer right away.

2) Set cron to run a script that controls the frequency that mrtg is
called against these cfg files.  this script reads the directory listing
of cfg files and then runs MRTG against as many of them as possible with a
max_proc setting, currently set to 4.  That way there are always 4
concurrent MRTG processes running.

3) make sure all debugging is turned off. :)

4) Upgraded the box from a P166 w/64MB RAM to a Dual-PII-350 w/384, and
from Solaris X86 (2.5.1) to FreeBSD-3.0-SMP.

These 4 things changed my total polling time on 147 routers (with 2031
Targets) from over 21 Minutes to Less than 7 minutes.
If I turn off the other polls being done, I can squezze this down to just
over 4 minutes, but I also poll the same 147 routers for Temperatures, and
for cpu utilization, and I have seperate polls set up for some servers.

I will upgrade to a newer MRTG shortly.  When I have time. :)


On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Robin Burger wrote:

> I have MRTG ((2.8.6)) running on a Sun 'Ultra Enterprise 2'
> I currently have 29 config files that run 4,125 targets and take 21
> minuets to complete.  Is there a way that anyone knows that I can
> shorten the length of time it takes to complete the transactions?
> Also when I run the intances of MRTG by themselves, they tend to run
> around 1-3 minuets, depending on the number of targets in the config
> file.  In addition  when I  run all of the MRTG instances in sequence,
> it takes 49 minuets to complete all transactions.
> Suggestions? Ideas? Comments?

Timothy Kennedy
sugarat.net, Network Management Resources

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