[mrtg] Repeat question...

Marc-Adrian Napoli marcadrian at cia.com.au
Tue Oct 26 03:42:35 MEST 1999

Hi all, this is a repeat question to which I didn't get a reply to last

I know you're all busy, but it would be great if you could help me with this
one. :)

 I have an SNMP active switch. I need to monitor in/out traffic to specific

 In the interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry section of the MIB, which specific OID's
should I be monitoring?

 I'm guessing, that for in and out traffic I should be monitoring:

 .ifOutOctets & .ifInOctets correct?

 However, what about interfaces:

 .ifOutNUcastPkts & .ifInNUcastPkts?

 If i monitor traffic for a customer and do not take into consideration the
second two OID's - will I be ripping them off because they'll be charged for
broadcast packets?


Hope you can help! :)


Marc-Adrian Napoli
Connect Infobahn Australia
+61 2 92811750

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