[mrtg] Re: Repeat question...

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Tue Oct 26 13:56:26 MEST 1999

>  I have an SNMP active switch. I need to monitor in/out traffic to
>  ports.
>  In the interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry section of the MIB, which specific
> should I be monitoring?
>  I'm guessing, that for in and out traffic I should be monitoring:
>  .ifOutOctets & .ifInOctets correct?
>  However, what about interfaces:
>  .ifOutNUcastPkts & .ifInNUcastPkts?
>  If i monitor traffic for a customer and do not take into
consideration the
> second two OID's - will I be ripping them off because they'll be
charged for
> broadcast packets?
ifINOctets and ifOUTOctets will return the actual number of octets that
traversed the particular porter. The Packet count, will be a much lower
number since packets can be anywhere from 64bytes to 1500+ bytes in
size. You just want to look at the octets count, this will include
broadcasts, multicasts, unicasts that traverse the port.

Using cfgmaker on the switches IP address should build a config file
with everything you need to know.

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