[mrtg] Re: Total bandwidth usage and My BIG problem

Christopher E. Brown cbrown at denalics.net
Thu Oct 28 03:26:43 MEST 1999

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Frank Keeney wrote:

> On another note. I was just called by my Co-location ISP (to remain
> anonymous for now) they told me I have used 9.1 gigs of bandwidth this
> month(!) and they are going to charge me up the wazoo. All for three lightly
> used domains. My analog reports show less than 5 gigs of outbound transfer
> total for the last six months. Needless to say we have a big dispute.
> They claim to be using MRTG to calculate my utilization by multiplying the
> averages and coming up with my total two way transfer amount. I don't think
> there is any way that this could be accurate at all. They've told me that
> they are going to send me their formula for this calculation, I can't wait.

	Eh?  If they took the straight average from the monthly
graph they could come up with somthing moderatly close like

	(average_kbit / 8) * 60 * 60 * 24 / 1024 = Mbytes/Day
	Mbytes * Days = Approx Total transfer

repeat for other direction, example on a 256K link in my network

92.9 /  * 60 * 60 * 24 / 1024 * 31 = 30373.945 / 1024 = 29.662056 Gbyte Inbound Transfer

	The figure is only a guestamate though and I would never use
it for billing.

BTW:  They do know the difference between GigaBits and GigaBytes
right? (9.1GigaBits = 1.375GigaByte)

  --- As folks might have suspected, not much survives except roaches,
      and they don't carry large enough packets fast enough...
        --About the Internet and nuclear war.

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